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Simbec Research was established in 1976 and is part of the Simbec-Orion Group. With 40 years of operation, we are one of Europe's leading clinical research organisations providing clinical research services to both the European and international pharmaceutical industry.

We have a modern, purpose built, 58-bed clinical unit which is staffed by a team of experienced doctors, nurses and technicians who provide cover 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also have a full range of equipment and services that are similar to a hospital.

Simbec performs studies across the research spectrum, from Phase I to Phase IIa and Phase II both in the UK and internationally, specialising in early clinical development.

Why do we need to conduct clinical trials?

The vast majority of us at sometime in our lives will have been prescribed some form of medication by our doctor. In doing so, you will have benefited directly from clinical trials which would have involved healthy volunteers like you.

Medicines we now take for granted, such as Ibuprofen and antibiotics like amoxicillin, were once new drugs and had to undergo a series of Clinical Trials before being allowed onto the market. In fact, these medicines continue to be researched as pharmaceutical companies strive to improve formulations and other aspects of their production.

Giving a medicine to a healthy volunteer provides information on the safety and tolerance of new medicines and how a healthy body absorbs and excretes drugs. This can be tested, for example, by taking blood and urine samples, by measuring blood pressure and  by performing an ECG (a trace of your heart rate) at various times in the day.

Have you ever considered how a doctor knows how frequently you need to take a drug? Again this information is obtained from measuring the drug in volunteers' blood. This is done by taking blood samples over a period of time and then measuring the amount of drug in each sample.

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Simply contact one of our recruitment staff who will be happy to take you through the initial process of joining our panel of volunteers.

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