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If you are a male with Type II Diabetes then you might be interested to hear that Simbec Research is starting a new clinical trial.

Type II Diabetics aged 18 - 65 needed.
£3500 compensation paid for your time.

Call 01443 694328 or go to www.simbec.com/volunteers

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Current Studies (UNITED KINGDOM)

SIM001Males and FemalesAge 65 and older£3475Details
SIM007MaleAge 18 - 55£1375Details
SIM008FemaleAge 45 and older£2500Details
SIM009Males and FemalesAge 18 - 75£4500Details
SIM011MaleAge 18 - 45£1300Details
SIM012Males and FemalesAge 18 - 55£5965Details
SIM004Males and FemalesAge 23 - 55Up to £3500Details
SIM010Males and FemalesAge 18 - 55£2500Details

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Give us a call

Simply contact one of our recruitment staff who will be happy to take you through the initial process of joining our panel of volunteers.

0800 691995

By e-mail